Let’s Know About Treatment of Joints Pain After Chikungunya

Let’s Know About Treatment of Joints Pain After Chikungunya

Chikungunya female Aedes is a disease caused by bites of mosquitoes. Its mosquito bites mostly in the afternoon. Chikungunya virus present in saliva of mosquitoes causes disease due to reaching the body. The worst side effect of the disease is on the liver. By which the liver stops producing gall juice. This removes digestive disorders.

How Long Does the About Treatment of Joints Pain After Chikungunya

Junk pain in chikungunya usually lasts for one to two weeks. However, in many cases this problem can last for months or even years. Nearly one in ten cases of chikungunya infection can reach such a serious condition.

Many times the pain caused by chikungunya is considered as Rheumatoid arthritis. Some researchers have confirmed that joint pain in chikungunya should be treated separately from rheumatoid arthritis.

Chikungunya may well recover within a few days, but its effect is visible for a long time. It causes muscle pain. Let’s know about treatment of joints pain after chikungunya.

Cold compresses :- You take some ice for it and put it in a small towel, after which you put this cold compress in the joints, keep it in the feet for some time. Doing this will remove the pain, and swelling of your joints.

Chilly :- You can also remove swelling of joints by consuming chilly. It contains capeskin, which has high amounts of inflammatory properties, if you want it, you can take it and remove your feet swelling.

Green leafy vegetables :- Green leafy vegetables are good for our health, due to high amounts of vitamins and ions, they get rid of joints swelling. Therefore, you should start consuming green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Vitamin C :- Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which contains high amounts of anti-oxidants. Inflammation of the feet due to anti oxidants decreases, so you can consume it to relieve foot pain.

Stretching :- At this time there may be a lot of pain in your joints, but if you keep sitting in one place then it can be more trouble for you. Therefore, during this time you need to exercise in stages or aerobic exercises. Doing this will ease the pain of joints easily.

Turmeric :- Turmeric is easily available in everyone’s home, it is being used as a medicine for millions of years, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. If you consume turmeric milk, then your fatigue and joint pain will be reduced easily.

Garlic :- You can also get relief from joint pain by eating garlic. Garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti oxidants, which gives relief from joint pain by promoting our body’s immune system. You can chew garlic in the morning while eating it, by doing so you get the best results.

A healthy diet that can be of great help to you and the amount of fruits and vegetables is high. Along with this, the patient is advised to take sufficient rest in order to overcome the side effects of this disease.

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