5 Reasons why you should train with your friends

Doing a sweat-driving workout alone can sometimes be quite an excellent way to overcome it. On the other hand, a training partner suddenly opens up completely new motivational dimensions. For example, he or she can help you not to give up and achieve your goals – as far as they seem first.

Train With Your Friends

 We have five good reasons for your sport with friends.

1. More motivation and no lazy excuses

It’s a cosy Saturday afternoon, and you’re lazy on the couch. Your favourite series is on TV… sounds like the perfect excuse to leave the training today, right? Not if you train with a partner! Fixed workout dates with your friends will help you to get through your sports program. The chance that you’ll decide on the couch and against the training is slim. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to cancel your meeting because you were feeling complacent? Psychologists at Stony Brook University in New York have studied how the sport habits of friends and family members affect personal motivation. And look at that. The motive of those who are close to us is a positive influence and a driving force for sport. So put on your sports clothes and good shoes, meet your friend in the park and leave your inner dog at home.

2. Fun in training

There are moments in practice that are funny only when you have someone on your side who shares your humour. If you come up with new ideas on how to change exercises or make your basic course varied, it won’t be boring. For example, try a Plank Challenge with clapping or play a ball in hit-ups. There are so many ways to bring changes to the training plan – usually, you come to two with the most fanciful and funny ideas. Time passes like in flight and – swoosh! – One hour has passed. Without even looking at the clock once.

 Workout Tip >> Try these exercises with your body weight:

3. You’re playing each other

If you feel close to giving up, a training partner is even more important to rebuild your motivation. A sporting challenge among friends can also help you to play each other and bring them to your limits. In England, women were questioned about their sporting behaviour. It was found that 64% of those who train with their best friends go beyond their physical limits than those who exercise alone. And if it is not possible to make a joint appointment, it is not a tragedy.

4. Sport combines

Did you know that more than 40% of those who take part in a fitness course will be back on their own shortly after they start? If they sweat with a friend, the exit rate drops to 6%. You realize: One of the best reasons for sports with friends is probably social interaction. People who train together feel like a group and not alone. Of course, if you can do something on your own, that’s great. Sharing these successes with your friends, who know exactly how much you have to overcome your inner pig dog, is even better. And if it doesn’t work the way you would have liked it? Don’t do anything. Shared suffering is half-suffering – your friends are also at your side in setbacks. It creates a special kind of connection. It’s a combination that makes your friendship stronger.

5. Train together, stay together

Partners should also train with each other. Studies have shown that couples who regularly exercise together are more satisfied with their relationship. Joint training strengthens the partnership and increases sexual attraction. So a morning run, an evening appointment in the gym or a weekend bike ride make sexy – well, if that is not enough reason for a workout with the better half!

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