Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels After Menopause

Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels After Menopause

Symptoms of menopause are sometimes very disappointing. Due to the many effects of these hormones on the body of the woman, there is a wide range of symptoms, so let’s know symptoms of low estrogen levels after menopause –

Menstrual cycle changes :- Women’s menstruation can be irregular. It can be low or high bleeding. Menstruation period may be long or short. If she is not pregnant then a missed menstruation indicates the beginning symptoms of low estrogen levels after menopause.

Excessive heat :- Many women experience sharp heat as the main symptoms of menopause. Excessive heat is an accidental feeling of heat that feels in the upper part of the body or everywhere. Your face and neck can be red, and you may feel sweated or excited. Its intensity can vary in different individuals. It usually lasts 30 seconds to 10 minutes. 

Disease and pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse :- During the menopause phase, women may experience dryness in the vagina. Its symptoms include pricking or burning sensation in addition to itching around the vagina. Due to the dryness of the vagina, it can be painful to have sexual relations, and even a few bleeding can occur or they may feel the need to urinate again and again.

Insomnia or sleep problem :- During menopause, women may have difficulty sleeping or having trouble sleeping for long periods of time.

No frequent urination or control of urine :- The control of the bladder of the woman is reduced, and even if the bladder is not filled, it may also feel the need to urinate continuously, or pain in urinating. During menopause, the flexibility of the tissues of the vagina and urethra decreases, and the inner surface becomes thin.

Transition in urinary tract :- During menopause, women may be at risk of transition to urinary tract. If he feels jealous of urinating frequently while urinating or urinating, then he should consult a doctor.

Reduction in libido :- Women may not feel interested in coitus during menopause due to the physical changes due to low estrogen. Such changes may occur until delay in reacting to the clitoris, since the response to orgasm in the vagina is slow or the response to orgasm cannot be reacted.

Dizziness and mood swings :- They may experience a sharp fluctuation in irritability, frustration, and mood, and in such a situation, it can often be felt from more excitement to heavy disappointment.

Skin :- The skin becomes dry and thin during menopause. It also affects the skin’s flexibility and lubrication near the vagina and urinary tract.

Child :- One of the most common symptoms of menopause is hair loss. Many women experience hair fall a few years before and after menopause. This is due to low level of estrogen, due to which hair loss starts becoming thinner; hair can be fragile and dry.

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