4 LeFlim features to help you get more out of your running training

The Le Film blog has many great features, and we are always trying to add new features.

If you already use the Le Film app, you will be serious about your training and improving your performance. If you open the Le Film app and tackle your running training with GPS, you won’t use the full range of features of the app – find out what our Le Film App has to offer! If you don’t use the Le Film App yet: It’s worth trying these functions. This will make your training sessions more fun and make them more efficient.

LeFilm App

Here you will find a list of the four great features that we have put into the Le Film App to help you with the training:

1. Challenges

Are you among the people who need a reason to walk? Then test it with a new feature in the Le Film app that will give you an extra motivation kick: Challenges. We regularly launch new challenges – surely something is there for you too. Whether it’s walking or running, you’ll find a problem that spurs you.

Challenges get the best out of you! These are competitions with a specific goal within a defined time frame. Tap on the Progress tab in the Le Film App to see which challenges are currently running and choose one. Motivation is contagious – don’t forget to invite your friends too.

Once you have joined the Challenge, activities that comply with the Challenge rules will be automatically connected to it and included in the Challenge. Watch your performance and compare yourself with other users in the ranking!

2. shoe tracking

Now that you have joined a challenge, you will spend more time in your running shoes. So it makes sense to track how far you’ve gone in them. So you know exactly when you have to put your shoes on a pension. After running, you can choose which model you used to run and see how long you have used the shoes. We will remind you in time to buy new ones! Not only do you trump your distance, but also the number of units you run, your average speed and altitude meters you have travelled. Do you feel like you’re faster with a particular pair of shoes than with others? This function tells you if you are right.

Running Challenge

3. firing

Go! Go! Go! Make sure your friends can fire you while you walk. In the Activity Tab, tap the gear icon and open the Activity Setup. Scroll down and activate “LIVE tracking”. This allows your friends to get you inspired by the app: You’ll hear her cheer on your headphones! When you post the launch of your LIVE tracking activity on Facebook, you also listen to calls when someone gives your mail a Like.

Best of all: Your friends can choose from funny sound options to cheer you on – you’ll have fun!

4. interval training

Interval training – giving everything for a short time, rest and repeat – is a popular and very effective method of training. It helps you improve your running performance and speed, but also helps you to lose weight.

If you don’t know how to plan the intervals: We have pre-programmed some sessions for you in the interval training function. You can also expect your interval training. Tap on the gear icon on the activity tab, then select “Choose a workout” and then “interval training”. There you find a “+” on the right. You can also set your warm-up and cool-down according to your wishes, define the number of intervals, the intensity and the duration. Once you have planned everything, the language coach guides you through the ranges and explains when to rest and when to run faster.

Find out how to set your intervals in the Le Film App and why interval training helps you to lose weight.

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