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Eternal youth of Audrey Tautou or how in 4 weeks to youth for 25 years

Audrey Tautou LiftHyaluro Lift Avis: In March, the famous celeb Audrey Tautou celebrated her 44th birthday. Admirers argue how she manages to keep her youth and stunning appearance at such a reliable age. Some say the celeb has suffered a lot of cosmetic surgery, and some say it’s about genes and a healthy lifestyle. But the star now looks as if it had just crossed a 30-year threshold.

We met Audrey Tautou and asked her in detail about the secrets of eternal youth and beauty.

“To be honest, she confessed: I’ve been doing a lift for six or seven years. I was lucky then, there were no side effects, and the face looked natural. But when it’s time to repeat the procedure —I was scared because I had time to look at my colleagues and friends, who had been permanently damaged by plastic and beauty shots.”

“I needed radical measures!”

—But you look great, so you still have a way out?
—It’s true. And since you and I have a frank conversation, a secret of my, I hope, eternal youth, I will share with you and your readers. It’s not a secret at all!
—I think thousands of our readers are now frozen in impatience.
—Anyway, when it’s time for me to go back to plastic and injections, I just kind of got cold. Because if it went well for the first time, there’s no guarantee that the second one will. But the age was coming to light, and something had to be done about it urgently. Cosmetologists have advised me of different miracles, one more expensive, but have warned that the effects comparable to botox injections will not come anyway.

The gift from the homeland of Jeanne d’Arc: France

Hyaluro liftI owe my daughter-in-law Àstrid Bergès: they travelled with Sonecka in France, and in Paris attended a medical exhibition dedicated to beauty and rejuvenation issues and the latest developments in the field.

Àstrid Bergès was interested in the development of a cosmetic company from Paris, home of Jeanne d’Arc. The innovative oxygen cocktail was called Hyaluro lift it could be tested on the spot. It is such a cocktail which is applied to the face and thanks to a unique molecular ingredient it is easy to penetrate deep layers of skin.

Having tried the remedy oneself and asked about it in detail by the representative of the company-manufacturer, Àstrid Bergès bought two banks for me.

Just four weeks —and the effect of a lift!

When my daughter-in-law handed me Hyaluro lift cans upon arrival., I’m starting to use it, but it’s not going to hurt! And after a couple of days, my family started noticing that I was somehow fresh like I was coming from vacation. A week later, I saw the changes myself: And the mimic wrinkles began to divulge, and deep, which I never hoped would be removed.

And 14 days later, my face was transformed beyond recognition: It’s like 25 years of being wiped off by a magical eraser! This is an incredible feeling: When you see such a young reflection in the mirror, the mood improves, and they feel! Colleagues asked me where I made the plastic so well again.

The effect lasted a little more than six months; then the face became a little “tired”.Until the wrinkles are finally returned, ordered in France another Hyalurolift bank. It’s enough for one full-fledged course, the effect of which lasts about six months. During this time, the skin is relaxed, so there is no need to increase the dose.

—Thank you very much, Àstrid Bergès, for your story. But the cure is for the price, probably like surgery? Not every average woman can order it from France.

—Not at all, the price of Hyalurolift is adequate even by our standards. And you don’t have to go to France after him. A representative office of the company-manufacturer has opened in the whole world, and they deliver throughout the CIS. The last time I ordered it from them on the website.

—Amazing news! Thank you very much, we will post the Preco/link to the official website of the supplier, with your permission, at the end of the publication. We thank you again for your interview and wish you health and further creative success!

By the way, Audrey Tautou has two grandchildren: Anatoly, 21, and Sonya, 14. But they don’t call her grandma. Grandmothers don’t get so young!

And here, as we promised, the link to the official site of the company-supplier of the rejuvenating oxygen cocktail Hyalurolift.

Hyalurolift Avis

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