The four most effective fat-burning workouts

The four most effective fat-burning workouts

Imagine if you could: In a very short time, almost 200 calories burn! Wouldn’t such an efficient workout be ideal for people who find it difficult to find time for training in their stressful everyday life?

You have to change your usual training and regularly incorporate these short – but sweat – workouts into your fitness routine. Because 20 minutes is always time, of course, as always: To lose weight, you must also adjust your diet. Your fitness activities alone may not be enough to achieve your goal.

Do you want to know which of the four most effective fat-burning workouts are? Then continue.

interval runs

With these four workouts, you burn most calories

  1. Tabata training

Tabata training is a high-intensity workout that stimulates metabolism in a short time. This type of training is exercises with your body weight such as push-ups, burpees, and squats. You train for 20 seconds at maximum intensity, followed by a 10-second break. This is repeated eight times.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of training has already been shown to boost fat burning. In Tabata training, about 15 calories are burned per minute or about 400 calories in half an hour. (1)

 Do you need inspiration? Then try this Tabata workout!

  1. interval runs

The change between stress and recovery phases is called interval training. For beginners, a steady pace is already demanding enough. However, after a short period, this is no longer sufficient. The body needs different stimuli to become more powerful and stronger. For this reason, interval runs are perfect – but also for relaxation interval training is ideal.

It is advisable to walk in a few minutes before changing sprints and loose runs in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. So you can place an interval run in just 15 minutes. Sprints burn calories, but can only be sustained for a certain period – the aftermath effect is all the greater.

Interval training can also be integrated into your cycling and swimming training. Just screw the intensity up in between. However, the most efficient way to burn fat is to run, which in turn makes you lose weight more quickly.

  1. Hill Workouts

Whether you like running, walking or cycling: Bring some variety to your training routine. Hill workouts are the right way to mount a resistance.

You must devote more power to this, and that will increase fat burning. Mountain-climbing runners have to lift their knees again – this means that more muscle fibers are being stretched.

In Uphill training, the stress on all muscle fibers burns about 10% more calories than when running on flat surfaces. You can also improve your performance by regularly incorporating runs into your training plan. You can also train up-hill running on the treadmill!

Tabata training

  1. cable jump

Rope jumping sounds like a fun activity for the first moment. But what many do not know: Hardly any exercise drives the heart rate up as the rope jump.

It strengthens both upper and lower bodies and stimulates fat burning. This type of endurance training also has a positive impact on heart health. Coordination is also encouraged.

Be careful, however, if you have knee or hip problems, as the impact of the rope jumping may have a negative effect on the joints. Make sure to land as gently as possible. The right shoe can also dampen the jumps.

Whether you are a beginner or a routine: Put these short workouts into your training routine. This way, you’ll stimulate your fat burn and get closer to your customer’s success!

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