Cheer me to Paris: Run, get fired – and win!

Cheer me to ParisYou’ve never won a race before? No problem, because for Cheer me to Paris you don’t have to be the fastest runner or the furthest runner. 

Cheer me to Paris: Join and win a trip to Paris.

On September 17th, between 11 am and 12 pm (your local time), get ready for the big online event: Sleep in your running shoes, please your friends to fire you in the LeFilm App: Activate LIVE tracking and “Allow cheers” in your app – and go ahead. The runner with the most cheers this hour wins Cheer me to Paris! 

LIVE tracking & firing: To activate the functions in the LeFilm App 

If you want to participate in “Cheer me to Paris“, you must activate both LIVE tracking and “fire” in your LeFilm App during the run on September 15th between 11:00 and 12:00 (your local time): 

3 Top Tips: So you get most cheers 

If you need more motivation to participate in the online event, read your story on the LeFilm Blog. In 2015 the French winner won the online competition “Cheer me to Sydney” with more than 35,000 (!) shots. For you Irene has put together her 3 top tips to get the most cheers: 

·        Keep your goal in mind

 Imagine it for yourself. You and your best friend go to Paris to experience the unique atmosphere in the VIP area at one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. Do you feel the excitement, see the crowds, hear them cheer? With a clear vision in mind, you are certainly highly motivated to achieve your goal! 

More deployment = more cheaters

  •  Hard work is worth it! Think about creative ways to get your friends and family to cheer you on that particular day during that one hour. Write them emails and messages! And most importantly: Tell them about your goal when you meet them personally. If in return, you can offer them a favour – even better. Be inventive: Maybe you can offer them your running support, homemade lunch or help with homework? Of course, you must not forget to explain to them correctly how firing in the LeFilm app works. Not all of them are as digitally savvy as you are.

Believe in yourself

  •  Maybe your friends and family will be caught up in your enthusiasm – but perhaps not, and you will be told that your chances of success are minimal. My tip: Stay positive and stick to it. Believe yourself – Paris is calling!

Are you ready to go? Sleep in the running shoes on September 15th between 11 am and 12 pm and get the most of the lights in the LeFilm App.

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